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Nursing Diagnosis for Tuberculous Spondylitis

Nursing Diagnosis for Tuberculous Spondylitis

Tuberculous spondylitis, or Pott's disease, results from the hematogenous spread of M. tuberculosis. Bony destruction usually results in some degree of vertebral collapse, while anterior wedging causes the typical gibbous deformity of focal kiphosis. Usually there is involvement of multiple vertebral bodies, relative sparing of the intervertebral discs and posterior elements, and limited periosteal reaction. Rare cases of isolated posterior vertebral body involvement have been reported. Paraspinal extension is very common, with calcification in a psoas abscess being nearly pathognomonic for tuberculous infection.

Nursing Diagnosis for Tuberculous Spondylitis
  1. Impaired Physical Mobility related to musculoskeletal damage and pain.
  2. Pain: joints and muscles related to the inflammation of joints.
  3. Disturbed Body Image related to the disturbances of the body structure.
  4. Deficient Knowledge related to lack of informationabout management of home care .

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