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Nursing Diagnosis for Pyelonephritis

Nursing Diagnosis for Pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis is a bacterial infection of the kidney. It can be serious because of the important function of the kidneys. Also, the infection may enter the bloodstream. Another problem is that it can cause pregnant women to go into labor too early (premature labor).

Kidney infections are much more common in women than men.

Nursing Diagnosis for Pyelonephritis
  1. Risk for Infection related to the presence of bacteria in the kidneys.
  2. Imbalanced Body Temperature related to immunological response to infection.
  3. Impaired Urinary Elimination (dysuria, urge, frequency, and / or nocturia) related to infections of the kidney.
  4. Acute Pain related to infections of the kidney.
  5. Deficient Knowledge related to lack of information about the disease process, methods of prevention, and care instructions at home.

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