Nursing Care Plan : Nanda Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing Diagnosis for Excess Fluid Volume

Excess Fluid Volume

Definition: Increased retention of isotonic fluid

Characteristics :
  • Weight increase in a short time
  • Excessive intake than output
  • Blood pressure changes, pulmonary artery pressure changes, increased CVP
  • Jugular venous distension
  • Changes in the pattern of breath, dyspnea / shortness of breath, orthopnoe, abnormal breath sounds (Rales or crackles), pulmonary congestion, pleural effusion
  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit decrease, changes in electrolytes, particularly changes in specific gravity
  • Voice SIII heart
  • Reflexes positive hepatojugular
  • Oliguria, azotemia
  • Changes in a mental position, restlessness, anxiety

Related Factors :
  • Mechanism weakened settings
  • Excessive fluid intake
  • Excessive intake of sodium

Nursing Diagnosis

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