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Nursing Diagnosis for Meningitis

Nursing Diagnosis for Meningitis

Meningitis is inflammation of the thin tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, called the meninges. There are several types of meningitis. The most common is viral meningitis, which you get when a virus enters the body through the nose or mouth and travels to the brain. Bacterial meningitis is rare, but can be deadly. It usually starts with bacteria that cause a cold-like infection. It can block blood vessels in the brain and lead to stroke and brain damage. It can also harm other organs. Pneumococcal infections and meningococcal infections can cause bacterial meningitis.

Anyone can get meningitis, but it is more common in people whose bodies have trouble fighting infections. Meningitis can progress rapidly. You should seek medical care quickly if you have
  • A sudden fever
  • A severe headache
  • A stiff neck

Nursing Diagnosis for Meningitis
  1. Acute Pain related to inflammation, toxins in the circulation.
  2. Risk for Infection related to haematogenous dissemination of the pathogen.
  3. Risk for Ineffective Cerebral Tissue Perfusion related to cerebral edema, hypovolemia.
  4. Risk for Injury related to seizures, general weakness, vertigo.
  5. Impaired Physical Mobility related to neuromuscular damage, decrease in strength.
  6. Anxiety related to crisis situations, the threat of death.
  7. Disturbed Sensory Perception related to neurologic deficit.

Nursing Diagnosis Nursing Care Plan for Meningitis

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