Nursing Care Plan : Nanda Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing Diagnosis for Hypospadias

Hypospadias Nursing Diagnosis

1. Pain (Acute / Chronic) related to physical factors eg damage to the skin / tissue (incision),
characterized by :
Do: Conduct careful / distraction, anxiety, changes in vital signs
Ds: Report of pain

2. Impaired skin integrity related to surgical trauma
characterized by :
Do: Damage to the surface of the skin, impaired healing
Ds: Report of the wound still not healed

3. Urinary elimination alteration related to surgical diversion, tissue trauma
characterized by :
Do: Change the number, the character of urine
Ds: Difficult in urination

4. Risk for infection related to contamination of the catheter during the insertion
characterized by :
Do: Color output is changed (slightly turbid)
Ds: -

5. Knowledge deficit: about condition, prognosis and treatment needs
characterized by :
Do: Not accurate follow instructions
Ds: Ask for information, stating the problem

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Nursing Care Plan for Hypospadias with Assessment and Diagnosis

Nursing Diagnosis

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